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Helene Lieb

About Me

I moved to Cohasset in 1980 with my husband, Ed Lappen, and soon after had our children, Ross (CHS 2003) and Mia (CHS 2006).  We all loved the natural beauty, the excellent schools, the history and the people of this jewel of a town. 

When I was 10 years old, I was inspired by John F. Kennedy's speech, "Ask not what the country can do for you.  Ask what you can do for the country."  This began my life of service to the public.  In the past 13 years I have served 6 years on the School Committee (2 as chair) and 6 years on the Advisory Committee (1 as chair).  As a member of the Cohasset Social Service League, I helped the league raise money and make the dream of a haven for the seniors of our town come true.  


My charitable activities include serving on the foundation board of South Shore Health System (includes South Shore Hospital), 6 years as a Cohasset Appalachia Service Project volunteer, the board of advisors for Artist for Humanity (largest employer of high school youth in Boston), and a mental health volunteer for the American Red Cross.  I have and continue to work as a psychologist for the past 30 years helping adolescents and adults with mental health issues.  


Cohasset means a lot to me.  I care about its future and want to help manage its resources, facilities, finances, character and beauty and friendly, caring nature.  I want to help Cohasset move forward into the future by helping meet our town's needs.  Some of the needs that I see as a priority include commerce and business enrichment, harbor development, diversity and inclusion, affordable housing, renovation of town hall, quality schools and senior services, updating zoning by-laws, and preservation of our land, coastline and water resources.  


My leadership style is inclusive, transparent, and cooperative.  Long-range infrastructure planning and fiscal-responsible funding is crucial to accomplishing the path to move Cohasset forward.  

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